Ich freue mich, wenn es regnet, denn wenn ich mich nicht freue regnet es auch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . I am happy when it rains, - because when I am not happy it also rains

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Kiss Rain Tyres has introduced a new soft compound variant of their 1:8 Onroad tyres. The first version if the Evo14 tyre ran at 25 shore with the new ‘soft’ version has a shore of 15. Providing a high amount of water displacement in the wet, the tyres are build using Kiss’ own core material and Pit Shimizu’s proven D01J tyre for the outer tread.

Feuchtreifen damp tyres  1/8

           Regenreifen rain tyres 1/10                       Feuchtreifen / damp tyres 1/10

Regenreifen rain tyres                     Feuchtreifen damp tyres

 1/10 Pro 10

Rain and damp tyres 1/10 only on order.     approx. 2 weeks delivery time


Neu im Programm

F1 Regenreifen    F1 rain tyres
Rims black
F1 Feuchtreifen  F1 damp tyres
Rims black

Regen Luftfilter rain filtres  1/8 und 1/10

On stock

with their much lauded rain tyres, Kiss Tyres has a new air filter system to keep your onroad nitro engine running in wet conditions. Suitable for 1:10 & 1:8, this rain filter protects the engine against the ingress of water when it rains. The inside of the filter consists of a fine, rustproof metal mesh while outside it is covered with a rubber sleeve. The connection to the carburetor is also made with a suitable rubber sleeve. The original INSBox filter can be replaced with this rain filter which can be easily attached to the carburetor

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